Asmamaw Tegegne Abebe Kidu Gebrecherkos Weldeanenia Gurumurthy.B. Ramaiah Bahiru Melese Gizeshwork Tadesse


The main purpose of this research work is to evaluate the efforts of TVET efforts’ in developing and transferring useful technologies in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia. TVET Institutions are engaged in developing and transferring technologies like hand washing devices, sanitizer sprayers, ventilators, beds, disinfection devices, sanitizers, antiviral finish fabrics, masks and hand-free devices that is used to prevent contamination of the human body while working with materials of different kinds. These equipment’s posse’s characteristic simple operational and quality properties like usability, functionality, efficiency, etc. The evaluation of these developed and transferred technologies help to prevent transmission of COVID-19 at community level. The methodology used in this research was descriptive and purposive sampling type. The sample pool consisted of 5 TVET institutions. 40 respondents participated in this questionnaire study. The response was recorded through interview questionnaires based on the 5-point Likert Scale. Data analysis and Cronbach’s alpha reliability tests were computed using SPSS and Minitab software. The coronavirus is the deadly pandemic and highly contagious disease the human mankind has witnessed since 1918 flue pandemic. However, the coronavirus spread in Ethiopia at the community level has prompted many TVET (Technical Vocational and Education Training) institutions and universities to ramp up their efforts to develop and transfer technologies. Hence TVET organizations need therefore to develop and transfer technologies that are useful to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This research will help to gather the technical information pertaining to design, quality and performance of Hand washing equipment’s, face masks, Hand sanitizers and other equipment’s. The results prove TVET Institutions’ efforts were successful in developing and transferring the technologies required to combating COVID-19. Cronbach’s alpha (reliability test) value is 0.77 for the TVET colleges, indicating the data is excellent, unique and consistent. The position of the TVET institution is excellent as regards to the efforts put in developing and transferring technologies used for combating COVID-19 in and around Addis Ababa. The responses received were unique in nature. COVID-19 has posed many challenges to public and has resulted in many deaths in Addis Ababa and entire Ethiopia. This work is unique and would make valuable contribution and gather information on the design and technical aspects of developed and transferred technologies by TVET Institutions used for combating COVID-19.

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Corona Virus, Reliability Test, Technology Transfer, Contagious Disease, Technology Development

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