Inaam Abdulkareem Abas Muna Abdulwahab khaleel


The first year after birth has an impact on mental and psychological health, especially depression, anxiety and stress, which mainly affect the mother, but also have an impact on the father and also affect marital compatibility. To measure the effect of psychological status (Stress, Anxiety and Depression) on marital adjustment concerning first parenthood. A descriptive cross-sectional study design was conducted at the community based population, primary health care centers in Baghdad city during the period extending from 15th September 2022 to 26 th December 2022. Most of participants parents are experiencing mild stress (M±SD= 8.69±4.140), parents are associated with a severe level of anxiety with 37.7% of them showing a severe of anxiety and revealed that (39.3%) have a moderate level of depression, this percentage constitutes approximately one third of the studies sample. The findings indicate that stress has a high significant impact on Marital adjustment as shown by significant differences at p-values of.001,.003, and.001. This study recommends educating parents about the psychological effects and their negative impact on their marital relation.

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Effect, Psychological status, Marital Adjustment

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