Lujain Adnan Khanger Hutheyfa Abdulhussein Ali Murtaza Hamza Muhammad


Cancer immunotherapy (CI) refers to methods that enable the use of the immune system and its components as cancer treatment. As a result of its capacity to inhibit cell proliferation, IL-24 has drawn a lot of interest. Additionally, by activating autophagy and death in cancer cells, IL-24 functions as a self-sufficient anti-cancer agent. A number of human cancers can become cytotoxic when exposed to IL-24. In the current investigation, ductal mammary gland carcinoma treated with various dosages of IL-24 (10, 50, and 100 pg/ml). The optimum cytotoxic concentration of IL-24 on ductal mammary gland carcinoma was determined using the MTT test. Using the AO/EB (Acridine-Orange and Ethedium Bromide) Technique It also enables the differentiation of healthy cells, necrotic cells, and cells that have undergone early and late apoptosis. LC-3, caspase 8, and caspase 9 levels of specific apoptosis and autophagy were measured utilizing a gene expression technique.

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: health; patience; Anti-Tumor Factor

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