Hiba Jabbar Qussay Mohammed Salman Ghaleb Ali AL-Dahash


In this research, gold and silver nanoparticles were prepared using pulsed laser ablation in liquids. The effect of pulse repetition rate (1, 3 and 6 Hz) and (1064 , 355 ) nm wavelengths on the ablation efficiency as well as on the optical properties (Absorption Spectra , Refractive Index , Extinction Coefficient , Real and Imaginary Dielectric Constant) of prepared samples were studied using two media ,SDS and Ethanol where the results generally showed an increase in the parameters above with increasing in repetition rate. The results also confirmed an increase in ablation efficiency for wavelength 1064 nm compared to 355 nm . The study also confirmed that there is a clear effect of the medium used on the optical properties and the efficiency of ablation.

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laser ablation, Surface Plasmon, gold, silver, ablation efficiency.

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