Baidaa Ghanem Algam Haytham Mohammad Alawadi


Davaineidae, is is a very large family and contains the most genus of Cestodes. Parasitize on vertebrates and among the fourteen genera registered under this family is the genus Ophryocotyloides proteus. The research materials consisted of cestoda isolated from small intestinal of Columbae livia from Najaf city in Iraq. The optical microscope and the scanning electron microscope revealed has large rostellum and the suckers are armed with small hooks. The genital openings are on one side. The vagina is located behind the lupus sac .To confirm the diagnosis cestoda, DNA was isolated and approximately 450 bp of the 18SrRNA gene was sequenced. The obtained DNA sequences were tabulated and then phylogenetic analysis was performed using the (MEGA X version) method.

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DNA identification, Ophryocotyle proteus , Columbae livia , 18S rRNA.

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