Shaimaa Abd Ali Al Saady Sally Alaa Mohammed Ridha


Patients’ satisfaction is an important indicator of the quality of the service provided and associated with the subsequent service loyalty and utilization. The number of elderly in Iraq increased progressively and expected to reach 4,700,000 by 2050.  Elderly lean towards having multiple disorders and use excessively large number of healthcare resources. Therefore, assessing their satisfaction with healthcare use and ensuring their utilization of healthcare service without hindrances is essential. Objective: Identify the current level of satisfaction regarding geriatric clinic services and assess the association between demographic characteristics and level of satisfaction. Patients and Method: A cross-sectional study conducted in Al Yarmouk and Baghdad Teaching Hospitals in the geriatric clinics on a convenient sample of 200 geriatric patients, in the period from 1st of January to 30 April. A total of 33 satisfaction questions using a three-degree Likert scale, was applied. Chi-square was applied to illustrate the significance of the association between satisfaction and demographical characteristics. Results: Doctors and health workers were the main sources of information about the geriatric clinic. Around 50 (25%) of patients were satisfied, 107 (53.5%) had average satisfaction, and 43 (21.5%) of patients were unsatisfied. Affordability of geriatric clinic showed the highest unsatisfaction percent. The current study showed a significant association between satisfaction and age, residency, marital status, socioeconomic status and education. Conclusion: A significant association was found between satisfaction and age, residency, marital status, socioeconomic status, and education. Affordability showed the highest un- satisfaction percent, because of few number of geriatric clinics, and the cost needed to reach the hospital. Although the tickets are free, but as most of our health institutions, some investigations and medications were unavailable in the hospital.

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client’s satisfaction, geriatric satisfaction, geriatricsc

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