Mithaq M. Mahdy AL-Sultani Baneen Hussein Mohammed Mohammad jawad


Wounds are among the most common health problems worldwide. Traumatic and surgical scars constitute a wide range of acute and chronic wounds, which are associated with increased rates of morbidity. Wound healing is a complex series of different cellular and biochemical processes that lead to the rebuilding and regeneration of damaged tissues. Many types of treatment methods have been used to promote wound healing, and the laser is currently one of the most widely used methods. The results of treatment with the Fractional CO2 laser (60watt) were more effective in treating deep and medium-depth scars, and it also requires several sessions to obtain an appropriate clinical effect. As for the Fractional CO2 laser (30watt), its results were more effective in patients with moderate to very deep wound effects. In addition, it required fewer treatment sessions. The high power of the Fractional Er: YAG laser also contributed to reducing the width of the scar because the wavelength of the Erbium laser (2940nm) can be absorbed by the water molecules in the skin faster than the wavelength of the CO2 laser.

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surgical scars, fractional CO2, fractional Erbium YAG

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