Afrah Jassim Fneikh Baqer Jabbar Abadi Mohammed Alaridhi


The current study was conducted in the animal house of the College of Education for Girls, University of Kufa, and the study aimed to know the effect of nano-extract (zinc oxide) of the fruits of the ginger plant on the histological composition of the thyroid gland in male rats Which ranged in age (8-9) weeks and weights (150-150) mg, which were divided into three groups, each group included 8 rats.( 250 mg / kg) per day for 30 and 45 days. After the end of the first experiment (30 days), half of the number was sacrificed. After the end of the second experiment (45 days), the other half was sacrificed, and tissue sections of the thyroid gland were made It showed the normal structure of the thyroid gland and histological changes.

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thyroid gland; nano-extract; ginger plant

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