Abdel Abbas Abdel Razzaq Al Jazea Mohamed Ramadan


The effect of using the concept maps strategy on the cognitive achievement of the accuracy of handball and shooting skills The study aimed to:

1- Preparing an educational curriculum according to the concepts maps in teaching accuracy the skills of handling and shooting in handball for students.

2- To identify the effect of the curriculum prepared by the researchers and followed by the teacher in teaching accuracy the handling and shooting skills of handball to students.

3- Identifying which of the two curricula is better prepared by the researchers or followed by the teacher in teaching handball skills to students.

The researchers used the experimental approach with two equal groups, and the research sample included some students of the second stage in the College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences for the academic year 2021-2022 AD, whose number was (44) students, where the sample was divided into two groups, the number of members of the experimental group was (22) students in When the number of members of the control group reached (22) students, homogeneity was made in the thropometric variables, while equivalence was made in the skill variables of the research sample, where the experimental group used the strategy of concept maps through the educational program prepared by the researchers for a period of (8) weeks at one unit One per week and according to the curriculum prepared by the faculties of physical education and sports sciences in Iraqi universities. The main experiment of the research was conducted on 10/12/2021 AD and the educational curriculum ended on 1/28/2021 AD and on the handball court in the College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences Dhi Qar University. The following conclusions were drawn:

1 - The method used and concept maps have a positive effect on the accuracy of handball skills and shooting for students.

2 - The active participation through the three phases of the concept mapping strategy gives a clearer picture of the nature of work planning and then practical application.

The recommendations were:

1 - Adopting methods, strategies and methods of teaching in a way that is compatible with the nature of the skill and capabilities of the learners to increase the desire and motivation for education.

2 - Involve the largest number of learners in education using the method of concept maps and encourage its use in the theoretical aspect of achieving the task of practical application.

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strategy, concept maps, cognitive achievement, handball.

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