Mrs. Manda Phuke DR. Vaishali Mohite DR. Mahadeo Shinde DR. Nutan Potdar Mrs. Namrata Mohite Mr. Sameer Choudhary


Osteoporosis is a emerging global health problem and multiple factors are responsible to cause this disease in human. Among women the lifetime risk of dying from hip fracture is same as that from breast cancer. Among the age group of 50-60 years One out of three women is suffers from osteoporosis in India. Indian women have an early age of onset of osteoporosis as compared to western counterparts. There is need for early diagnosis, identification of high-risk groups and prevention and treatment of osteoporosis in the Indian context. The aim of this study was to reduce the number of sufferings from osteoporosis among postmenopausal women by providing the knowledge and improving the practices of  Prevention of osteoporosis.Materials and methods: A descriptive study conducted on 60 samples selected by convenient sampling technique to assess  knowledge and practices regarding the prevention of osteoporosis. A Self structured questionnaire was used for data collection from the subjects. Data were analyzed by using descriptive and inferential statistics.Result:  Majority of the women, 40 (66.67%) had average knowledge and 16 (26.66%) women  had poor knowledge regarding prevention of osteoporosis and 42 (70%) had average practices and 10 (16.67%) women  had poor  practices regarding prevention of osteoporosis.

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knowledge, practices, osteoporosis and postmenopausal Women.

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