Farah Jaber Kadhum Elham Jawad Kadham


A high prevalence rate of hepatitis C and B virus has been observed among different categories of patients from hemodialysis, thalassemia, blood transfusions, or other liver diseases recently in the world. Reducing and controlling this spread. An immunological study was conducted using serological technique, where 150 different clinical samples were recruited and examined immunologically for antibodies using a rapid assay and ELISA detection. The results obtained after detection were 63 positive samples for hepatitis C type and 19 positive samples for hepatitis B type out of 150 different clinical samples. These samples were males and females of different ages distributed in several residential places. The global prevalence of hepatitis C virus and type B among patients with dialysis, thalassemia, and blood and liver diseases indicates a close relationship with the centers. Therefore, preventive control measures are very necessary to reduce transmission, in addition to guiding patients who go to centers for the purpose of treatment to observe personal hygiene, immunize them, and give them The necessary treatment and their follow-up through the Training Department in the Governorate Health Department in cooperation with the Patient Safety Division, especially for therapeutic dialysis patients, so that it must be organized in a sequence that takes into account the stages of dialysis without affecting the treatment scheduling in the dialysis departments.

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