Dra. Granda Macías Luz Amelia, Mg Macas Cuenca Jiphson Javier Paredes Balseca Jenny Carolina Morales Cobos Jorge David


Cementation is a means by which the post is joined to the dentin, for this purpose there are different types of materials, among which we focus on Dual Allcem resinous cement with a fiberglass post. The objective of determining the main uses of Dual Allcem in the cementation of fiberglass posts to demonstrate its effectiveness in the restoration of teeth with a small amount of coronary remnant. The research modality used was qualitative and quantitative with a cross-sectional design and a descriptive scope. For the bibliographic review of this article, the document analysis technique was used, including studies from indexed scientific journals and research on different digital platforms. Among the main results, it was evidenced that Dual Allcem is widely used in the realization of stumps but more frequent in the adhesive cementation of posts, posts and crown fixation, being a product with low cost and easy application. Among the main benefits it was evidenced that due to its elastic modulus it has a greater resistance to fractures supporting the forces of the masticatory system. Moreover, it also has a great adhesion and traction force. Therefore, it is concluded that the use of Dual Allcem cement due to its properties similar to dentin allows adequate adhesion with the post and dentin, perceiving almost no microfiltration in the restoration process, favoring the duration of the restoration.

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Cementation, Resinous cement, Fiberglass posts, Dual Allcem

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