Rómulo Guillermo López Torres Diana Michelle Yumbopatín Johanna Estefanía Moreta Criollo Kerly Dayana Eugenio Álvarez


In endodontics, the use of apical locators is of vital importance for a good dental treatment, if used correctly and a correct manipulation is acquired by the operator, it turns out to be a reliable method to detect the apical formen; therefore, these electronic devices perform the function of instrumenting the root canal system since they measure their impedance while they are entering,  in addition, they quantify the frequency and resistance of the surrounding material to avoid accidents that harm the final result. Objective: The objective of this article is to determine, through a literature review, the accuracy reported between the ROOT ZX® II and PROPEX PIXI® locators, within the field of endodontics.  Materials and methods: databases such as Google Scholar were investigated: PubMed, Scielo, Elsevier, between the years 2017 and 2022. The inclusion and exclusion criteria were taken into account, which influenced the selection of 12 articles destined for publication. the discussion of this research. Results: the Root ZX ® II apical locator was more efficient and reliable, showing 91.86%, being significantly higher compared to Propex Pixi®, which showed an efficacy of 88.67% according to the study articles that were collected and analyzed.   with a discrepancy of only 3.19%.  Conclusion: The handling of the Root ZX ® II apical locator is positively recommended due to its great efficiency in locating the real working length, thus guaranteeing a good professional treatment.

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endodontics locators; precision; working length.

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