Armijos Briones, Fernando Marcelo Sánchez Granja, Paola Fernanda Bravo Benavides, María Augusta Mena Silva Paola Andrea


Silver diamine fluoride SDF is a non-invasive agent with antimicrobial, remineralizing and bactericidal properties used for the prevention and control of carious lesions. The objective of the research was to know the properties and ideal concentration of silver diamine fluoride to achieve its effectiveness in the prevention, arrest, and control of carious lesions. To carry out the work, the standards of the Cochrane protocol used in systematic research were followed. Furthermore, the search criteria involved the utilization of the PRISMA review method, which is the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis Protocols. The analysis incorporated a total of 168 articles, 134 studies were excluded based on the title, 15 based on the information found in the abstract and 11 after reading the full text articles. In this way, the information included in this work consists of 8 specific articles that deal with the topic. It was concluded that SDF at 38% is effective in preventing and controlling enamel caries lesions in first molars of the permanent dentition and dental caries in anterior teeth of the deciduous dentition, remineralizing dental structures and does not present significant adverse effects after treatment. of your application.

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silver diamine fluoride, dental caries.

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