Andrea Miranda Anchundia José Israel Castillo Lourdes Menendez Oña


The use of soft tissue substitutes is of fundamental importance in clinical practice, since autogenous gingival grafting, considered the gold standard, has numerous limitations. Currently, platelet-rich fibrin matrices (PRF) have been gaining prominence in the scientific community, because they are obtained from the patient's own blood and eliminate the risk of disease transmission, with unlimited availability, in addition to their regenerative potential, which includes the release of growth factors. In view of these advantages, the aim of this study was to use PRF to gain gingival tissue thickness and obtain root coverage following the tunnel technique. At 180 days after surgery, a healthy appearance (color, texture and anatomy) was observed on clinical examination, with an increase in gingival tissue thickness and about 2 mm of height in the intervened teeth, albeit with partial recapture. According to the clinical results presented, we can see that the use of Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) in Periodontics can improve root coverage in cases of multiple gingival recession, albeit discreetly. It is a promising alternative to replace autogenous gingival grafting, especially in situations where the amount of donor tissue is insufficient to repair large areas.

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Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF). Autogenous Gingival Graft. Biocompatible Materials.

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