Fanny del Rocío Lozada López Verónica Alejandra Salame Ortiz Rómulo Guillermo López Torres


Quality in healthcare services has become important nowadays, therefore, various factors that influence quality and therefore patient satisfaction are analyzed, by assessing these elements, it is possible to identify, consider and plan strategies that improve the dental service, among the factors are interpersonal skills, socio- economic situation of the patient, level of instruction, empathy of the dentist, among others. The objective of this article is to identify the factors that influence the quality of the dental service and the relationship with patient satisfaction, which allows the design of specific strategies for the improvement of dental care. An investigation was carried out at the level of the dental offices of the La Merced parish of the Ambato canton of the province of Tungurahua, through a qualitative-quantitative investigation, of an applied and descriptive type. Surveys were used both to dental staff and to patients, with the information collected, the factors that influence the quality of care were recognized, and the benefits of meeting the patient's expectations. The results show that, from the point of view of the patient, the satisfaction of the dental service is favorable, but it should be reinforced, which is related to the quality of service that the dentists have promoted, always for the benefit of the patient, this allows in turn, ethical labor competitiveness, maintaining an ideal doctor-patient relationship, this allows to establish a pact of familiarity and pleasure with the. empathic and professional service received.

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Satisfaction, Quality, Empathy, Dental Services

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