Tapia Gomez Jessenia Liseth Veronica Alejandra Salame Ortiz López Torres Romulus William Marcelo Armijos Briones


The main difficulty faced by health professionals with people who have hearing impairment, whether mild, moderate, or severe, is the ability to communicate and interact with deaf people. For that reason, this research work aims to design a Basic Dental Care Guide for Patients with Hearing Impairment and thus guarantee personalized and quality dental care at UNIANDES Dental Center. The study was based on a quantitative-qualitative approach, with a cross-sectional design and descriptive-explanatory scope, through the application of a survey of 122 future professionals, where it was verified that most of them do not know the correct dental management or the proper way to communicate with deaf patients. Therefore, due to these antecedents, a basic dental care guide was developed to be applied by the professionals and dentistry students to offer inclusive services with high quality

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Basic dental care guide, hearing impairment, deaf patient, sensorineural hearing loss, sign language, deaf community.

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