Dra.Pancho Chavarrea Tatiana Lucrecia Esp Ginelly Fernanda Pancho Chavarrea Malki Sisa Yumbay Taris


Background: Child abuse is defined as harm caused by a person using unintentional physical or psychological force. This article provides information on the types of abuse and neglect that dentists see most frequently in their dental practice, indicators that should be "red flags" that child abuse or neglect may be occurring, and how to report this type of abuse. Objectives of the work: To determine the level of knowledge, attitudes and practices of the pediatric dentist regarding oral lesions as an element of diagnosis of child abuse.  Methods: Search and analysis of bibliographic documents, using the inclusion and exclusion criteria and with the help of keywords in order to provide a theoretical basis for the role of the pediatric dentist in the diagnosis of child abuse.  Results: When inquiring information about child abuse and the procedure of the pediatric dentist for its diagnosis, after analyzing the articles, a solution was found that is based on encouraging, through informative talks, continuous training for dental personnel to recognize the signs of child abuse and ensure the protection of the child so that he is not contravened,  another point is to avoid iatrogenesis and ensure that our intervention is complete. Conclusions: Due to the fact that abuse is a worldwide problem, it presents an endless number of oral injuries, the pediatric dentist will have to prepare himself every day so that he does not have problems in recognizing and treating child abuse.

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oral lesions; child abuse; violence; negligence; pediatric dentist.

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