Nawras Saad Abd Riyadh Shamkhi Ali


The study included culturing Chlorella vulgaris for 30 days, extracting and drying it for use with yogurt starter and Bifidobacteria + Lactobacillus for producing yogurt and studying C. vulgaris effect on stimulating the growth of probiotic bacteria. The results showed that the addition of C. vulgaris powder at a concentration of 0.6% w/v led to significant effects in stimulating the growth of the probiotics (Bifidobacteria + Lactobacillus) and increasing the number of cells with significant differences compared to the treatment of yogurt with bacteria in the absence of C. vulgaris. In general, the highest number of CFU for the growth of bacterial cells was found in A6 treatment, full fat milk treated with yogurt starter, Lactobacillus, Bifidobacteria and alga C. vulgaris powder. For testing the effect of treated yogurt on rats liver functional enzymes, the treatments were feeding on standard diet (C-), high-fat diet HFD only as a positive control (C+), HFD + yogurt (T1), HFD + Lactobacillus treated yoghurt (T2), HFD + Bifidobacteria treated yoghurt (T3), HFD + C. vulgaris treated Yogurt (T4), HFD + Lactobacillus+ C. vulgaris treated Yogurt (T5), HFD + Bifidobacteria/C. vulgarisYogurt (T6), and HFD + Lactobacillus/Bifidobacteria/C. vulgaris treated Yogurt (T7). The results showed that there was a significant decrease in the level of AST, ALT and ALP enzymes in all treatments dosed with yogurt added to the probiotic without or with C. vulgaris, compared to the positive control treatment (high-fat diet only), which recorded the highest enzymes levels. All the functional liver enzymes were significantly decreased in rats dosed with yogurt treated with probiotics bacteria and C. vulgaris (T5, T6, T7) compared to the positive and the negative control treatments. It was noticed that the level of ALT and ALP enzymes decreased and returned to the normal state due to the probiotics bacteria and C. vulgaris compared to the positive control, which recorded the highest increase in the level of both ALT and ALP.

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yogurt, probiotic, C. vulgaris

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