SabaaAbdAlSadaHadi SihamJasim Mohsen


The study was conducted for the purpose of evaluating the effect of rosemary plant (Rosmarins officinalis) on the efficiency and activity of polymorphnuclear cells (PMNs) with the phagocytosis process test. He tested the effect of the aqueous and alcoholic extract of the leaves of this plant. The results showed that when different concentrations of extracts are added, the percentage of the number of phagocytes increases by increasing the concentration compared to the control sample, as the concentrations of the rosemary alcoholic extract (150,100,50, 200) mg/ml increased the phagocytization coefficient in time (90,60) minutes, but it was an The concentrations of the rosemary aqueous extract (200,150,100,50) mg / ml led to an increase in the phagocytization coefficient, where the increase reached its maximum time (90,60) minutes, but it was an immean increase. The aqueous extract was the most efficient raw extract to increase the number of phagocytes.

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rosemary , phagocytosis , PMNs , Staphylococcusaureus

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